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Pump-Scada - Water Pumping Station Total Automation & SCADA

foks ; Design and develop water pumping station total automation systems by using high tech PLC and RTU. Distributed design in Automation systems and Using Modicon PLC & RTU make more easier assemble and system configuration.
  • Pump used time depended work
  • User depended pump work
  • You can easily select one of the pump as a replacement
  • Pump duty off by pump temperature
  • Pump dependent water pressure Alarm Profile
  • Water flow recorder & Trend view
  • Improved Data search and Trend view in SCADA
  • User login and event recorder in SCADA
  • User Friendly Mimic diagram on SCADA
  • Web Based SCADA
  • SMS text message via GSM network
  • Alarm Text via e-mail
  • PSTN dial-up service modem
  • Modular s/w design easily adaptable to all type project

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