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FOKS Automation Systems.

Phone: +90(312)473 1105
Fax: +90(312)473 1108

About us

Foks Automation Company is a Automation project, software and system Development Company that heavily involved in industrial automation application. Foks supplyprofessional PLC, RTU, DCS, SCADA, HMI, MCU, MCC and RLL automation systems.

Foks produce high quality load-cell interface for PLC analog input module.

Foks produce high quality capacitive level probe ( orion ) for bulk material silos.

Foks produce High quality MODBUS Operator interface LED panel for SCADA rooms and Factory floor

FOKS Automatic Control Systems

Çetin Emec Blv. 8.cadde No: 46/8 06450 Ovecler / Ankara Turkey

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