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ConcreteMix - Ready Mix Concrete Automation

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foks , Developed total automation systems and MCC for ready concrete industry that is integrated with MRP systems. EXPER and EVO model of solutions help Ready Mix Concrete Automation to the producers and also to their end users.
  • User-friendly menu structure
  • Reason-Result related alarm recorder
  • More safe database that easily connect all type DATA base engines
  • Multilingual suport
  • Larger Operator interface 5,7 LCD
  • Semi-automatic working capability and 50 semi-automatic recipe help manual concrete preparation
  • More accurate aggregate weighing system by using 4 flap and two type weighing models ( 1- over-shut calculations , 2- 2 weighing limit one of them is fast and the last slow and flap-flick )
  • New load-cell interface to help the user for more accurate weighing
  • Weighing error limit that easily controlled by the operator
  • Improved stock control and production amount estimation which helps the operators
  • Password controlled multi-user type s/w to help the production manager for controlling all the data records
  • Immediate production plan to help the operator that enables to produce fast concrete production on demand
  • New Type Operator console and Mimic Diagram
  • Easily editable weighing parameters
  • New Dynamic HMI screens and Manual Control on HMI
  • New type alarm recorder on OP panel to help technician to identify and to solve the failures
  • New type flexible report manager s/w and easy report configurations
  • New type flexible invoicing manager module
  • Easily connects to the TRUCK SCALE for more accurate stock records
  • Improved moisture measurement and calculation
  • The total automation system module complies EN 206-1 quality standards
  • Call for more technical information or see our online program demo

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