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Construction_Chemicals - Construction chemicals production Automation PLC

foks , designs and develops the automation systems for ready plaster and paint production plants by using PLC and RTU controlled automation systems.
  • SCADA automation system provides easy configuration and assembling that is designed in networked structure by using Modicon PLCs. Weighing modules are designed and long term tested for all types of weighing mechanics. In order to provide an accurate weighing, it calculates every weighing dosage overflow and adds the overflow amount to the following over-shut calculation. The system is designed & developed in compliance withEN 45501 European standard.
  • The total system consists of two separate modules; 1- Weighing & mixing modules 2- Bulk material preparation, stocking & transportation.
  • Each module is designed to work individually. Each module is operational for all types of bulk material transportation. Screw conveyor, belt conveyor, Pneumatic conveyor, etc.
  • System is capable sending e-mail alerts over Internet and SMS alerts over GSM network. HTML style SCADA gives flexible access over Internet via MS-Iexplorer for servicing. Integrated dial-up modem module gives remote access to the PLC/RTU systems. Small scale design enables easy integration and modernization of the old type production plant systems.
  • Custom configurable module structure is fast operational and reliable.
  • Production, stocks and recipe management modules are individual databases in SQL database engine. This gives the easy integration ability to connect to other existing MRP software.

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